Mick Jones - Dr Jones' Public Library

Posted: 12th February 2009

Mick Jones turns librarian! Well, not exactly....

The ex-Clash guitarist has reacted to the British Music experience (a new permanent exhibition, retracing the evolution of British culture and music from the swinging Sixties to nowadays), due to open at the London O2 in early March, by curating his own!

Over the years and in his time with The Clash, Big Audio Dynamite and Carbon Silicon, Jones has amassed an insane amount of memorabilia, from promo posters, to books, magazines, videos, toys, stage clothes, instruments and sound gear, records, boxes of correspondence, notebooks, notebooks, song lyrics and photographs.... And he will share all this paraphernalia (or rather let you to view it) in an upcoming exhibition, due to open in the spring.

'The Rock'n'Roll Public Library', as Jones likes to call this organised mess, will open for a month from March 18th to April 18th.

Jones hopes to make 'The Library' a permanent and free access (unlike the British Music Experience) resource.

Update: The Library re-opens for Summer 2009!

The Rock 'n Roll library has been re-homed at number 2 Acklam Road, Portobello Market for the summer, running from 11am-7pm, Wednesday-Sunday until 25th August 2009.

Solange Moffi