Knebworth back with a vengeance and a new festival name - Sonisphere

Posted: 9th February 2009

Just when you thought there was no space on your denim jacket to sew on another patch, here comes a real 2-day Metal festival for connoisseurs of real rock crunch. Check out the initial line-up: Metallica - they delivered one of the best comeback albums last year with "Death Magnetic" plus a brace of O2 concerts in tow in the Spring. The Masters Of Puppets return to Kill Em All!..Linkin Park - Crowd pleasers and Hybrid Theorists return with new material from their 4th studio set and heads held high in the world of huge, huge appearances in stadiums around the world - 6 very noisy young men...Mastodon - Leviathans and true to their rock roots with previous tour supports with Metallica and Slayer...if that isn't enough then check out how blisteringly loud they can be by cranking up their renowned single "The Wolf Is Loose" and keeping your head still for more than 10 seconds. Latest album, "Crack The Skye" is sure to be represented on the night....Lamb Of God - will no doubt show a lot of Wrath and pounding fury during their set. Golden Virginians ready to pummel you with easy-listening selections from "Sacrament" etc.

What a line up and with plenty more to be announced you will need to be ready for those all important tickets on Wednesday morning on February 11th - tickets go on sale for the 2 dates which are August 1st and August 2nd...

Paul Pledger