Pete playing in his family's band 'Hawai 4' at the age of 7 1/2 Peter J. Pinto was born in a small town in South London. He started out very young in the 'music industry', playing his first gig (as cabaret) at the tender age of 7, with his brother Simon, and sister Bernadette. As time went on the three kids, continued to perform in their parents dance band as a regular cabaret act (as Triad), playing all over the country, including many of the prestigious London Hotels (Waldorf, Lancaster Gardens).
Pete at the Mixing Desk of Capital Radio Their first real break into the "big world" was a session on Mick Brown's London's Capital Radio show, through a talent contest. It was so successful, that they were in fact invited back for a further two sessions, including a live interview. From this they were requested to perform on a kids TV show, which was also a great success. However, it never seemed to be in their grasp to take it to the next level. After some advice from an industry insider, they embarked on their writing career (up to this point they were a covers band), of which, their first outings, were a little, shall we say, sad. However, they continued and the material started to mature.
Pete, Simon and Bernadette in 'Pegasus' As with most bands, they started on the pubs and clubs trawl (now known as Pegasus), which won them a lot of support, and a minor following, acquiring and losing a number of managers and agents along the way. After a number of years working the scene, they decided to call it a night, and went their separate ways (musically speaking). Bernadette, moved to Scotland, and embarked on a career of Art and Children's story writing, Simon continued to play in a number of bands doing session work for a number of artists
Pete and Bill - 'The Byshop's Fynger' After a few years in the wilderness 'finding himself', he decided that his calling was to continue the good work he started (?), and successfully auditioned for Rock act 'Byshop's Fynger'. The band uncompromisingly toured the Southern part of the country, drawing a large following playing open-air Biker's festivals and alike. This gave him the drive to start writing again, but unfortunately, Byshops being a covers band, had no opening for his work.
Pete playing for 'Larger Than Life' After a break from live performance, he was reunited (in the role of bass player, and later, lead singer) with his brother, Simon, in an awesome rock outfit under the name of 'Larger than Life'. Although the band was short lived, they still managed to gain a following, from their sheer energy and musicianship, playing a number of open-air festivals and rock clubs on the circuit.
Pete and Kevin playing for 'The Phantoms' Once again another break followed, but found him longing for live work again, and he returned to form, with the power trio 'The Phantoms'. The band toured relentlessly, to much acclaim, also allowing Peter to try out his 'new' material in a live environment. The success of band, inspired him to continue to write for them, but realising a new vehicle was required for his outpourings.
Pete playing for Metamorphunk He established a partnership with Nixon Rosembert, a former music teacher he had known (who has worked with the likes of Mariah Carey, Jools Holland), and Metamorphunk were born. With Fiona & Nicola Poustie looking after vocal duties (Akapella Blue), Steve Washington on drums (Texas, Nik Kershaw, Wet Wet Wet, Take That), completing the line up, they took the funk/rock crew out on the road, playing open air festivals to great reviews.
Chillin' However, due to other music commitments by the members of the band, they did not return to live work, but watch this space, because there could be more from those funk-a-maniacs!!
Peter decided that it was time he started taking things a bit more seriously, and, rather then pushing for the industry to recognise an obvious talent, he would do it off his own back, which is exactly what he did.
"Alone In The Crowd" is his first EP release, as a solo artist. Containing some seriously awesome guitar work (check out Six Daze) and arguably, some of his best melodic song writing, he has tried to show a flavour of his vast portfolio. It's a must for any self respecting cd collection, and worth parting with your hard earner dollars for...
RAE @ Ronnie Scotts 2008Another hiatus followed from live work, where he spent time setting up and running a commercial recording studio. During this time, he hooked up with the jazz/blues band Rae becoming co-writer and MD, later producing their first EP "Feelin' the Chill" having built a strong following, playing the club scene (Sound - Leicester Square, The Blag Club, and Ronnie Scotts among others).
Modern Romance

Peter then had a call up for an acoustic line up of the reformed 80's Latin/salsa band "Modern Romance", playing dates all over the country and aboard. The success of these dates then moved him into the full electric band line up, progressing to MD, culminating in opening the "Retrofest" festival last year in Strathclyde Park, Scotland to many thousands, and great reviews.

Peter is still working with Rae preparing for an Autumn release of two new albums, in between his Modern Romance commitments, who themselves are releasing their first album of new material for over 25 years. He continues to do deps, writing and producing for other artists [The Latch, Procol Harem, Daniel Walker], and between all that is teaching guitar and bass, having been a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors for a number of years.

Jo Peters