Gibson - Les Paul Custom '57 Black Beauty Gibson - Les Paul Custom '57 Black Beauty
This is a 1957 reissue 'Black Beauty'. I have been waiting to pick up one of these for a very, very long time. You know when you pick up a guitar, regardless of age, price, even to some degree, make, you KNOW when it feels right. All the ones I have tried over the years just never seemed to play or feel the way you think it ought to feel. I found this one, at 'The Guitar Centre' in San Francisco. Frank, the Manager there, had two, and I tried them both out. Both from the same factory line, within two or three serial numbers, but played like two different instruments. I used this for most of the rhythm guitar parts on 'Desert Song' from 'Alone...'
Fender - Strat USA Ltd edition Custom Shop Fender - Strat USA Ltd edition Custom Shop
I was actually after an 'Yngwie Malmsteen' signature series when I found this one. It has all gold hardware, Spurzel locking tuning heads, lipstick pick-ups and that typical 'Strat' sound. I always found Strats to sound a little thin, but I guess this is part of their attraction. This one, I bought in Los Angeles at West LA Music. It was a toss up between this and a Fat Strat. The 'Fat' is a much beefier axe being that it's loaded with humbuckers and also has the locking Fender tremolo system, but I was really after that more Strat sound and the humbuckers were just driving the Hughes & Ketner amp just that bit too hard.
Fender - Telecaster Fender - Telecaster
This Tele is just a basic standard with a Seymour Duncan 57 pick up fitted in the bridge position. I found the original one, was screeching all over the place when on stage and you were forever dancing on the pedal board, to mute the mutha between numbers. My guitar tech has also added the Roland GK-2A pick to this baby for synth access and with the great action up and down the fingerboard; it's spot on with the Roland GR33 (synth module).
Brian Moore - i9 Brian Moore - i9
This guitar was a bit of a last minute thing when I was in LA. When I was test-driving the Strats at West LA Music, Richard the guitar God in store, told me to give this a go. Having never really seen the Brian Moore axes in London, I tried it out, and it was fit, man. Serious kit. On top of this, having a piezo fitted in the bridge and also 13-pin synth access, abalone inlay in the fret board, and a premium top, it was a major piece of ass! I thought about it for a couple of days, having already bought the USA Strat, but on the way to the airport, to fly back home, I asked the cabbie, Igor, to take a detour and stop off at the store.... It would have been rude not to....
Charvette - Spyder Charvette - Spyder
This is my baby 'Lucille'. She's been with me since '92. She's loaded with two single coils and an EMG humbucker at the bridge, with a locking Floyd Rose. She's been to hell and back with me, stolen and recovered (found at the back of a dumpster!) and I always take her at on the road with me (although she's showing her age a little now). The action is crazy and the power delivered to the rack and back line is awesome.
Charvel - Black Charvel - Black
I found this in a pawnshop in London. It was a little tired, but after a visit to my guitar tech, was firing on all cylinders. It's a great rock guitar, with switchable Dimarzio humbuckers and locking Floyd system. One control, volume, constantly max'd. 'Nuff Said.
Kramer - Yellow Pearl Kramer - Yellow Pearl
This was a little jewel I found in a second hand store. Loaded with Seymour Duncan's and Floyd II system, it plays fine, but also has a softer side to it. Great dynamics in the rock vein. Pointed headstock for all the over exercise of your neck muscles...
New England New England
This old bashed up axe I can't even remember where I got it from, but when miked for recording sounds just like a resonator! Action's a bitch, but then, how often do you need a resonator on a piece of material?
Hofner Hofner
This was my Dad's Hawaiian guitar, and been in the family forever. Pretty much played as a steel guitar across your lap with a metal piece swiped across the strings, I used this when I was playing back in the family band. Has a great sound for a twenty-year-old guitar.
Hondo - 4 String Bass Hondo - 4 String Bass
This is one of those cheap and cheerful guitars you have to have in your collection, but you could never get rid of. It's the only 4 string bass I now own, but records great even though it's not active and the pick ups output as much signal, as a fly with laryngitis...
JHS - Vintage 5 String Bass JHS - Vintage 5 String Bass
This is a cracking 5 string bass for very little money. Active pick-ups and a lot of bang for your buck. Once you played 5 it's very hard going back to 4 string. Just doesn't have the same weight.
Takamine - 12 string Semi-Acoustic Takamine - 12 string Semi-Acoustic
This was a steal (not literally, that was the other one, but that's another story!). I found this in a pawnshop in Toronto. The girl selling it, didn't realise its value, I'm sure, as I think I picked it up for around £130, which, for a 12 string Takamine, is a real steal! Live through the front of house rig, it sounds awesome, and recorded, well you can check it out on "Alone.."
Sx - Jumbo 6 string acoustic Sx - Jumbo 6 string acoustic
This was a great deal I picked up when I was in Dublin. It has a really mighty sound and records great.
Yamaha - Silent Guitar Yamaha - Silent Guitar
This is my latest purchase. I bought this at the Acoustic Centre in London. Crazy looking thing as it has no body, and sounds like a banjo (ironically) when not plugged in. But when you unleash it through the desk, sounds amazing. You can hear this on 'Do You Remember Then?' from "Alone..."
Why did this guitar not go on the road with me? Because it had no body to go with...
Fender Nylon - Semi-Acoustic Fender Nylon - Semi-Acoustic
I picked this one up in Lisbon, Portugal. I had to get something from where my roots are, and I couldn't just come home with a postcard of naked women... hmmm then again... Semi acoustic, but the pick up used is pretty poor. I think a trip to the guitar tech is required for this baby. Time for a fishman...
Yamaha - Nylon Yamaha - Nylon
This is a lovely sounding guitar, very natural with a flat response, which makes it nice for recording, adding slight eq from the desk. Close miking works a treat.